Saturday Lunch

Sept. 18th-19th, 2015

“Rent my Brain, Reduce the Pain”


Today’s design trends are mixed messages. Clean lines combined with rustic chic and everything in between - the new rules are “there are no rules”. Tried and true business models struggle to compete in a market where there is less control over the project; from the homeowner purchasing online, to the contractor swinging the hammer, to the trunk designer working from a virtual office. As interior designers cross from the carpet to the tile and expand their services to include kitchen and bath and kitchen and bath designers cross from the tile onto the carpet to expand their services to include the residence; how do we define our menu of service options? How do we get the homeowner to order from that menu?


Many designers are great at selling the design fees associated with creativity but fail at selling their skills and value for the total project. By creating a menu of services based on all phases of a project the homeowner can resource the designer based on project type, budget and the designers skill sets.




Time: 12:30pm – 1:30pm


Speaker: Judith Neary, CMKBD of Roadside Attraction Studio



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